Friday, March 30, 2012

Rest in Peace Sweet Penelope

Today My Happy Place isn't so happy.  My sweet dachshund, Penelope, went to visit God, Jesus and her sister Genevieve after a mishap when she was at the vet to be spayed.  She was only 5 years old and was perfectly healthy when she went in.  I know that it isn't the vet's fault, and everything happens for a reason ~ but I miss her tremendously.  Apparently, she had seizures about 15 minutes after she woke up from the surgery.  The vet tried to revive her for 30 minutes to no avail.  We also have 2 of her puppies from her only litter and daddy dog.

My sweet "Nelly P" forever in my heart.

Czar and Blythe, two of her beautiful babies.

Daddy dog, Riley.  He has been looking for her all afternoon ~ tears.

Here's to happier times when the sadness fades.

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  1. How dreadful for you, I lost 2 dachshunds last year - mum and son, so I know exactly how you are feeling, they do become such a big part of your life don't they?. I'm so sorry. Thank you for your comment. CJ