Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pretty in Pink

We picked up this dresser at an estate sale in Alvin last weekend.  I have been dying to paint something pink, so this was the perfect opportunity!  The poor thing was in worse shape than I thought when we bought it.  It didn't have a back (did not know until we moved it) and it is missing most of the rods that keep the drawers stable (did not know until I started painting).  It also needed a fierce cleaning and sanitizing!


and AFTER a lot of love and patience...

I also purchased this AMAZING antique mirror for a whopping $25.  Hubby wanted me to sell it, but I told him that either I keep the $25 mirror or I was going to the antique store and purchase one of equal size for a whole lot more!

Forgot to take a picture before I started painting :)

and AFTER ~ it goes beautifully with the pink dresser!

Leaving you with a picture of Blythe trying to figure out where this other puppy came from and why it is staring at her :)

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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Few Vintage Finds

I found these old cards when I was scanning some old family photos and thought that I would share them with everyone.  I just LOVE vintage cards!  I can't believe that I am old enough now to call my baby cards vintage ~ LOL!

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finally Finished the Rescued Chest

I found this "armoire" in the middle of the street on the night before heavy trash pick up.  It really wasn't an armoire anymore, because it was missing the doors.  Someone had also lovingly written their names all over it.  Just look at this poor thing!


So I removed the old armoire door hardware and wood frame from the body of the chest.  My sweet hubby sanded the whole thing down for me, and I started painting.  I choose turquoise blue (my favorite color now-a-days) with a white design on the drawers.  The design is part stencil (the bird and his branch) and part free-hand (the rest of the branches to match the stencil).


Another project down, a million to go!
Closing with my sweet kitties that just love each other ~ Harvey (gray tabby) and Binx (black and white).

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vintage Kitchen Utility Cart

We spent the last weekend in Tulsa with my fabulous Uncle Dean and Aunt Jill.  I LOVE visiting them not just because I love them, but also because they take us to garage sales, estate sales, antique malls, and the ever anticipated flea market.  I found this little cart at a garage sale as we were heading back to the hotel to drop off all of my goodies that I had collected up to that point.  I have wanted to make over a utility cart for a long time, so here it is...

Let me tell you, this thing was FILTHY!  I will not even tell you what I found when I pulled it apart to paint.  However, it was washed and disinfected before painting!


I forgot to take a picture before I disassembled it.  I had also already started painting, but here are the pieces that were waiting for treatment :)

and AFTER...

I used Krylon Ocean Breeze blue for the shelves and Chrome for the side pieces.  Next, I added a white stencil to the top shelf .

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More pictures of my finds and their makeovers to come soon!