Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finally Finished the Rescued Chest

I found this "armoire" in the middle of the street on the night before heavy trash pick up.  It really wasn't an armoire anymore, because it was missing the doors.  Someone had also lovingly written their names all over it.  Just look at this poor thing!


So I removed the old armoire door hardware and wood frame from the body of the chest.  My sweet hubby sanded the whole thing down for me, and I started painting.  I choose turquoise blue (my favorite color now-a-days) with a white design on the drawers.  The design is part stencil (the bird and his branch) and part free-hand (the rest of the branches to match the stencil).


Another project down, a million to go!
Closing with my sweet kitties that just love each other ~ Harvey (gray tabby) and Binx (black and white).

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