Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pretty in Pink

We picked up this dresser at an estate sale in Alvin last weekend.  I have been dying to paint something pink, so this was the perfect opportunity!  The poor thing was in worse shape than I thought when we bought it.  It didn't have a back (did not know until we moved it) and it is missing most of the rods that keep the drawers stable (did not know until I started painting).  It also needed a fierce cleaning and sanitizing!


and AFTER a lot of love and patience...

I also purchased this AMAZING antique mirror for a whopping $25.  Hubby wanted me to sell it, but I told him that either I keep the $25 mirror or I was going to the antique store and purchase one of equal size for a whole lot more!

Forgot to take a picture before I started painting :)

and AFTER ~ it goes beautifully with the pink dresser!

Leaving you with a picture of Blythe trying to figure out where this other puppy came from and why it is staring at her :)

Thanks for popping by!


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