Saturday, February 25, 2012

Excitement is overtaking me!  I think I am addicted to finding free furniture on heavy trash day.  I may need an intervention.  Look at my picks this week ~ I call it picking (like American Pickers) because it doesn't sound near as bad as "dumpster diving."  LOL!

I have just found so many goodies!  Thank goodness my dear hubby likes to do this as much as I do! 

This little box is actually my very first pick.  It started my whole obsession!

I totally couldn't believe anyone would throw this table set away!  It appears to be almost brand new.  I plan on painting it and adding an umbrella with Shabby Chic-ish fabric.  I am also going to add matching seat cushions.  Can't wait to finish this project!

My darling daughter found this little guy and couldn't resist picking him up.  She just couldn't leave him sitting in the trash.  We are going to add a handle and repair the reins, and he may get a paint job.  Just too cute!

This seat just needs to be recovered and have its legs tightened.  Other than that, it's a very comfy little bench that will look really cute at the foot of our bed.  I am thinking about using a vintage quilts that I have (it is in some disrepair so I don't mind using it for upholstery).  I am still trying to decide on that one though.

Okay, this one was absolutely crazy.  This diaper changing stand looks brand new.  The only thing was that one of the boards on the bottom had separated from the frame.  We added a new dowel and some gorilla glue.  Now it is as good as new!  We are selling it on Craig's list.  (Of course, I have washed it down with disinfectant just to be sure that it is clean!)

Here is an armoire we found.  It is still sitting in the garage waiting for some much needed love.  It is solid wood and in pretty good shape.  The only major problem is some rotten wood at the base.  I am going to replace the wood and then paint this diamond in the rough white.

This table is VERY old. It had really old linoleum on top that had faded and cracked.  It was so old that I was able to pull it off by hand.  I am going to refinish it and turn it into a potting stand.  The little flower box was picked along with the table.  I am going to attach it to the stand somehow to hold potting tools.  I am super excited about this one too!

Well that's about it for now.  I have tons of projects to get started on and can't wait!  Check back soon, I hope to finish a couple of these each week.  Of course, Tuesday's and Thursday's are picking days - so hopefully, I will find more goodies!

Hope you have a wonderful day! 
Deanna :)

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