Friday, February 10, 2012

Book Shelves

My friend gave me these awesome 7 ft. tall book shelves. Of course when they were offered to me, Mr. David's first comment was, "Really? And where are we supposed to put them? They are just particle board shelves. Do we really need them?" Well, I told him that I had big plans for them thanks to Pinterest yet again!

Immediately, I moved the smaller set of shelves that we had in the game room and brought in the new set. They were so big that they covered the light switch. No problem, I had seen something like this before. We just cut a hole in the shelf backing to accommodate the light switch.

After I cut the light switch opening in the original cheapy backboard that came with shelves, I used it as a template. I traced the back board onto wainscoting that I had purchased eons ago for another project, Mr. David used his carpentry skills to cut it out. I reused the nails from the original backing and attached the wainscoting to shelf frame.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the shelves before I started all of this, but here is a picture after I replaced the backing with wainscoting.  The original backing was just that brown card board stuff.

I think these shelves are going to be amazing when they are finished!  I will be posting progress on these beauties as I work on them!

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