Friday, April 20, 2012

Garage Sale Goodness (and a couple of thrift store finds)

Oh what a wonderful garage sale day!  I have to say that my hubby and I were a bit discouraged when we began because there were just no garage sales out that we could find.  So we went over to pick up my baby girl's senior graduation announcements and decided to look for garage sales by the beltway.


Even though we only found one frame at the one garage sale we went to, we did find several more sales on the way home.  And the windfall began!  Here is a picture of my loot for the day...

I have to confess that the two matching Victorian cherry wood nightstands were purchased at a thrift store that we drove by on our way to look for more garage sales, but the rest of the lot was a total of $25.00!  Antique plates, a ton of frames ~ probably won't keep the photos, I just wanted to wood frames to frame my vintage linens that I have been collecting ~ brass candlestick holders, 2 end tables, and the piece de resistance...a 1947 Singer sewing machine and original sewing cabinet!

Of course all of this will be refinished and look totally different when I am finished with it.
That's the fun part!

I am not sure what I am going to do with these beauties, but I love them!

In parting, here are some goodies that I bought at the antique store this week.

What a wonderful day it has been!  God has sent many blessings this morning in addition to a great garage sale day :)


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