Sunday, June 30, 2013

It is so terribly hot here in Texas.  I know everyone is complaining about it and taking pictures of the temperature in their cars.  You would think that we would get used to it, but not this girl!  I try to stay inside with the fan going all summer!  With that being said, I am painting up a storm inside :)

I just finished this gorgeous art deco vanity in Pure White Annie Sloan Chalk paint.

I also painted the inside of the drawers, because these old pieces are usually stained inside.  Also, painting and sealing the inside helps remove some of the stuffy antique smell.

Here is the before photo.  Pretty, but the finish was pretty messy, and I don't really like the stripes.  I do love the lines and details in the carvings though!


and AFTER:

Here are few more of the projects I finished this week.

This is a cute little vintage French-style desk that we picked up at an estate sale.  It is painted in Duck Egg Blue ASCP.

I LOVE this one!  This is a little computer armoire painted in Duck Egg Blue ASCP.

We replaced the ugly wooden knobs with little crystal and iron knobs.

The inside came with a cork board that we covered with turquoise chevron fabric and a dry erase board.  I painted both of the lower panels with chalkboard paint so there is more room for notes or pictures from the little ones that sit at your feet while you work on the computer :)

This piece is a drawer that I am keeping for myself.  It is the last of 9 that I took from a broken down Thomasville dresser.  The body was falling apart, but the drawers were in amazing shape.  So I kept all of the drawers and trashed the dresser.  

I always have piles of mail and bills sitting on the counter until it falls over and I am forced to got through it and file everything away.  This is my solution!  It will sit in my study to hold all the papers until the weekend when I have time to put them away.

Thanks for popping by!


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